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MTN works with nearly every major grocery company and has unmatched insights gathered from more than 30,000 touch-points. Our team of experts is comprised of former supermarket-employed Site Location and Real Estate Analysts skilled in the process of locating and validating future development and shopping center acquisition opportunities. Additionally, MTN employs a Chief Technology Officer that oversees the development of MTN’s Shopping Center Database Application, allowing MTN to capture and evaluate over 125 attributes of grocery-anchored shopping centers including Real Estate and Co-tenancy characteristics.
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Primary Retail Data Collection

MTN’s unique and unparalleled insights allow our clients to understand the internal decision-making process of the applicable grocery tenant, including the commitment of the grocery tenant to the subject property, impact of competitive incursions, subject store’s performance and viability compared to sister stores and trade area competitors, how to anticipate and mitigate losses of potential “headwinds”, changing market conditions, synergy of co-tenants, etc.
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Predictive Analytics

MTN thinks like grocery retailers to maximize and sustain their sales potential within the markets they serve. Our experience and proprietary insights are based on a very defined and scientific approach to Supermarket and Shopping Center analysis. A primary measure, employed internally by grocery chains, is the grocery store POWER, measuring an individual store’s performance versus competing grocery stores in the defined trade area.
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Quantifiable ROI

MTN works with client to analytically quantify the existing, future and potential influences impacting both the grocery tenant and shopping center. Our comprehensive insights provide for relevant “measuring rods” that lead to informed, fact-based and data-driven decisions, including “quantifying” the grocery-anchor and the corresponding shopping center’s performance.
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