MTN Work

The leader in primary retail data collection & analysis

MTN works with nearly every major grocery company and has unmatched insights gathered from more than 125 touch points. Our team of experts is comprised of former supermarket-employed Site Location and Real Estate Analysts, who have visited over 30,000 grocery stores. Get advice from our seasoned experts and experience quantifiable ROI from data analysis.

CenterCal Properties LLC

Reliable Firsthand Retail Market Data at Scale

CenterCal Properties was in the process of developing a mixed use space, during perhaps the worst time ever to start a development. They needed an element of "welcome" and "surprise" in the center to attract shoppers. A big part of that element would be deciding on which grocery anchor would be a good fit for the development. They needed to decide between a local grocery chain, Boise Coop or Whole Foods.
MTN did a market study for CenterCal for both Whole Foods and Boise Coop. MTN's study showed that the best place for either grocery tenant to build a new store was right in the heart of the CenterCal's development. Because MTN already had a reputable relationship with both companies, CenterCal was able to use the market study that MTN conducted to convince and engage both companies in building a second store in The Village, Meridian. Boise Coop signed a lease for the mixed use development shortly after.

Bayer Properties

The Summit Needed the Right Grocery Anchor

Bayer Properties needed a viable and attractive grocery anchor for their mixed-use development The Summit. All attempts for Bayer Properties to court and engage Whole Foods as a tenant were unsuccessful. "Can you get into Whole Foods and work your magic?" Jeffrey Bayer CEO
MTN speaks the same language as grocers. We presented data to Whole Foods in terms that they understand for their bottom line. Data, analysis and true market insight make deals happen even with the toughest customers. Not long after our data analysis and expert insight to Whole Foods, they signed a lease for a 40,000-sq-ft store in The Summit.


As Goes the Grocer, so Goes the Center

When Genuardi's went dark, we tried unsuccessfully for over four months to re-tenant the space. It was killing the entire center and we knew if we didn't do something soon, we would run the risk of losing many of the other tenants and much of the property's value.
MTN did a comprehensive market study identifying two highly viable candidates for the space, Shoprite and Whole Foods. Armed with accurate sales forecasts, Federal Realty closed a deal with Whole Foods a short time later.

Inland Real Estate

MTN Preserved Inland's Capital and Protected Its Investors

Should Inland purchase 4 Ralphs-anchored Shopping Centers in Southern California? Time was ticking and a $214-million transaction was on the line.
On the surface all 4 Ralphs-anchored centers looked great. Only after completing a macro market model for reach of the 4 markets and running several "what if" scenarios was it evident the package contained three great centers and one huge liability. One of the Ralphs was not a competing successfully in its market. It had a high likelihood of imminent closure with no viable prospects for back filling.

Utah Retirement System

URS got to cut the cake but...

The buyout structure between URS and its former partner was inherently fair but put a tremendous burden on URS to quickly ascertain the true value of the assets they were dividing up. They needed to be certain they would not get hurt if they were required to take either the role of buyer or seller of the assets they were valuing.
MTN had two weeks to complete a comprehensive Portfolio Insight Analysis evaluating the immediate and long-term viability of 5 grocery-anchored shopping centers. ‚ÄčAs primary data collectors, MTN already had current market data on 4 of the 5 markets. To get the job done, MTN deployed an army of analysts to collect comprehensive market data in just three days.


CALSTRS Manages Over $25 Billion in Real Estate Assets

CALSTRS needed to create value across the board including: acquisitions, dispositions, property management, leasing and shareholder relations.
MTN responded by providing essential market insights to 80% of all new CALSTRS grocery anchored retail developments.