As Goes The Grocer, So Goes The Center


Client Situation

"When Genuardis went dark, we tried unsuccessfully for over four months to re-tenant the space.  It was killing the entire center.  We knew if we didn't do something soon we would run the risk of losing many of the other tenants and much of the property's value."

Mtn Responds

MTN did a comprehensive market study identifying two highly viable candidates for the space, Shoprite and Whole Foods.  Armed with with accurate sales forecasts Federal Realty closed a deal with Whole Foods a short time later.

"Our new anchor helped us revitalize the the entire center and increase rents across the board!"

MTN Preserved Inland's Capital and Protected Its Investors


Client Situation

Question: Should Inland purchase 4 Ralph's anchored shopping centers in Southern Califiornia?  Time was ticking and a $214 million transaction waiting on the line.  

MTN's insight:

On the surface all 4 Ralphs anchored centers looked great.  Only after completing a macro market model for each of the 4 markets and running several "what if" scenarios was it evident the package contained three great centers and one huge liability.  One of the Ralph's was not competing successfully in its market.  It had a high likelihood of imminent closure with no viable prospects for backfilling.

"We were able to preserve our capital and protect our investors with the timely data and invaluable insight."

Ramco Gershenson needed to know if the tail was wagging the dog


Client Situation

Ramco Gershenson's question: "Kroger says they want us to pay for a store enlargment and upgrade or they are prepared to move, what should we do?"

MTN had already acquired the market data and built a comprehensive Gravity Model for the market in which the subject store was located.  

MTN's insight:

Fret not!

Kroger isn’t going anywhere.  There’s no better location for them than right where they are. Any move in this same market will adversely affect their sister stores and will leave them vulnerable to a competitive incursion at this location. Their post remodel forecasts are very strong and totally justify them paying market rates for any additional space you provide within your center.

"2 days after we received our insight request from MTN, it was exactly what we needed to profitably negotiate with our tenant."

URS Got To Cut The Cake, but...


Client Situation

The buyout structure between URS and its former partner was inherently fair but put a tremendous burden on URS to quickly ascertain the true value of the assets they were dividing up.  They needed to be certain they would not get hurt if they were required to take either the role of buyer or seller of the assets they were valuing.


A meaningful answer could not come from an appraiser. Nor could it come from a demographer.  The real value of these grocery anchored centers was directly connected to the long term viability of the grocery store anchors within those centers. URS could not leave that data to chance.

Mtn Responds

MTN had two weeks to complete a comprehensive Portfolio Insight Analysis evaluating the immediate and long term viability of 5 grocery anchored shopping centers.

Two weeks later URS had a comprehensive portfolio analysis with everything they needed to feel confident in their upcoming negotiations. Whether they ended up owning or selling they had a strategy in place for maximizing their earnings.

CALSTRS Manages Over $25 Billion in Real Estate Assets


Client Situation

CALSTRS needed to create value across the board including: aquistions, dispostions, property management, leasing and shareholder relations.

MTN's insight:

MTN responded by providing essential market insights to 80% of all new CALSTRS grocery anchored retail devolopments.  




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