Daryl Druckrey

Senior Analyst
[email protected]
435-767-1475 ,718

Daryl Druckrey has managed research projects as a Senior Analyst with MTN since 2018. His decades of experience in primary data collection, sales forecasting and retail location strategy provide him invaluable insights to projecting and strategizing various retail banners throughout the United States. Daryl has diverse exposure in a variety of retail industries, offering a broad perspective in forecasting, from technology, electronics, and appliances to office supplies, GM soft-lines, and grocery. He began his research career in 1992 with Retail Systems Inc and Dakota Worldwide Inc, and has since managed retail location research projects and contributed to strategic planning while with BI-LO, SuperValu, Gap Inc, Office Depot, and Kroger. While with Best Buy he projected multiple retail metrics across 112 product categories and provided new store lift analysis and market segmentation analysis based on demographics and store performance for the launch of a major appliance product initiative. As Real Estate Manager with Office Depot, Daryl negotiated lease renewals in the Pacific Northwest.

Daryl holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Geography and Minor in Urban and Area Development from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater; and Graduate Studies in Retail Location Analysis at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte in the Department of Geography & Earth Sciences. Prior to his interests in retail location analysis Daryl was a Wind Tunnel Technician with Environmental Impact & Planning in San Francisco where he built to scale mass models of the built urban landscape and conducted architectural wind studies of the San Francisco Financial District and Downtown Oakland, as well as calculating sunlight and shadow studies for the environmental review process prior to approval of development.